[CLOSED] Accused of having an alt account that wasn’t even mine


Username: ( CT_7567REXFAN)
Discord: (@ILUVGAR )
Ban reason: ( Having an alt account

I think u should unban me because skyl_l banned me for having an alt account but the alt account was never mine in the first place and he has no proof it wasnt mine either and it started when me and my brother wanted to join a division but then when we found out our accounts had to he 13+ so that’s when I left GAR on that account so I can make a new one and join a division(keep in mind that I was never verified to were I can join tryouts on the first account I had) and then it was going smooth until I got banned for it even tho the account was never mine and I even Bout a whole laptop jus so I can do tryouts and the banner has NO proof that that was my account and I wanna get unbanned so I can join a divison and be apart of this community

Hi there,

You were not banned by skyl_l. You were banned by xNostik4, the Deputy Director of Republic Intelligence. Due to this, I can only believe there to be sufficient evidence that you were using an alt account, thus I will be denying this appeal. If you have further questions you may reach me on Discord at: MikegamingYTW#0438.

Status: Denied :x: