[CLOSED] Accidentail team kill

( Username: ( Awaken240 )
Ban reason: ( Team kill)

so i got the team kill thing but i only got it since i was hunting bountry and i missed this shot i didn’t know there were a couple people behind the person since it was fisrt person and i hit the bounty person with the taser stick but i also accidenly hit the 3 cadets then i lost 4 power i made a mistake i know but could i pls have my 4 power back i just started and i really want to rank up i didn’t get ban i may not have evidence but i swear to my life to this


HSWANKY#3404 cadet proof. If you read up to here dm HSWANK#3404 for proof

Hi there,

I will not be accepting your appeal for the following reasons:

You intentionally team killed members of GAR to receive bounties.
Additionally, the system is lenient enough in that you have to terminate 3 individuals in order to be banned.

Status: Denied :x:
Please stop making appeals for this issue, power can easily be earned through trainings.