[CLOSED] A GAR member RKing and attempting to spawn camp/SK me


Reporter username: Asde436
Reported user: GOLFMAK0


GOLFMAK0 Is a “famous” GAR member for TKing, RKing, SKing, and breaking GAR law, today i met him in-game and i swapped into B1 Raider morph to kill him a few times, then he killed me and i respawned so he killed me again, luckly a 104th divisional killed him for RK



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Bro Shut u was raiding u cool kid come back when u so cool and the RC is RK me too I posting this proof now

U can’t play with me understood nobody’s can try to trick me !

Bro what?
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I was raiding but you killed me and then it basically reset meaning you can’t kill me but you did it anyways which is RK and then you procceded to try to SK me.

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Well i tricked you so i guess you’re wrong.

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im sorry but you did rk and gthats bad


Reported individual has been punished for RK.

Status: Handled :white_check_mark: