[CLOSED] A false ban and would like to appeal


Username: ( duorxy )
Ban reason: ( leaking divisional intel )

False ban

( I think I should be unbanned because the ban was pretty unfair. I was banned for leaking divisional intel because I forgot I accidentally joined a raiding group while raiding GAR. This ban was about 2 years ago, I didnt have the gamepasses so I had to manually leave GAR and raid because I wanted to enjoy playing. Then I would join back to get back on duty. However I was banned, for supposedly leaking information, though, I had never even contributed to the group and was simply just enjoying my time. I would like to apoligize and also change. )

Due to the ban being issued around 2 years ago, I am gonna give you one last chance. Bear in mind that if you mess up even once, you will be banned again with no chance to appeal. You’re on very thin ice.

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