[CLOSED] A disappointing server

My username: SpeedrunMcPe
Their username: GG1ERNDN2GG

Ok so it was quite annoying actually, I told a corporal to post and then an answer killed us. He then started coming up to me and blaming me for the assault. Then, whilst in a booth, he was convincing other low ranks I was some sort of traitor. This led to me being gunned down.
In response to this I respawned set on killing the specialist that had tked me. Unfortunately I killed a trooper (who I apologised to later). Being gar, everyone under Corp at the border decided to kill me whenever I respawned. Everyone above Sergeant tried to help resulting in an all out war between them. I could, however, not remember the exact name of the Corp who killed me (somthing like gerapro)



TK is handled by the in-game TK system, therefore not being something you can report on forums.

Status: Denied :x: