[CLOSED] A 327th called me trash kid


Reporter username: ( BertilDen2)
Reported user: ( Space_ShadowHD)


( This 327th called me trash kid and is toxic )


DM a 327th HICOM.

Like 327 Officers.

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Tbh, I’ve never seen a divisional that immature before.

He could be underaged

Yeah, I’m starting to think that he’s underaged.

I’ve seen many immature divisionals before.

Next time you find a 327th being immature in game go to a CC their dm’s, we can help you faster with this than the officers on the forums

Really? Can you name a few of them?

I don’t know them by name but there are plenty of immature divisionals that act like apes all the time.

What do they do?

20 characters.

They just don’t use grammar, act dumb, mess around, mess up patrols etc.

A 187th was being toxic one time the best suggestion is to report him to his CC.

I have seen some but not lot.


There is no punishment for that, however you can report him to his HR and he will take care of it.

Report Status: Unfounded :no_entry: