[CLOSED] 7 DIVISION SK on troopers!

Greetings soldiers,

A 7 th trooper is SK,
on the Video u can see the trooper is trying to kill me and soldiers…
He killd at first a MASTER SERGEANT and then he was trying to kill us…


Reporter username: ( GOLFMAK0 )
Reported user: ( KalvValues )

It’s possible you maybe have done something before this, but still he is SKing you so this is basically valid proof i hope he gets what he deserves.

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There is a difference whether he did it, or tried to do it. One should not place so much hope in this social platform, punishment is writ large here according to whim and fancy. When it comes to divisions, you look twice at him. With GAR Np he is contaminated.

He’s killing the master sergeant u can’t see this ?!

I can honestly say that since this incident I no longer take anyone here seriously. I definitely do not accept such a double standard.

It looks like you were AFK. So he probably thought that.

But you didn’t got killed


Forwarded to 7th Divisional HiCOM.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: