[CLOSED] 501st Triton member patrol raiding and tk on purpose report


Reporter username: gtsk2018
Reported user: Aukerr


So This 501st Triton company member came right into our patrol slicing our 7th members with his white colored lightsaber, I then went to record more proof about it after getting permisson from the host, I confronted him with the other ghost member and the nhe told that he was inactive for straight 4 weeks and didn’ get kicked and said that why not raiding our patrol , he then killed me and the other ghost member with his lightsaber. Please deal with him as soon as you can.


Note: Sorry for the quality but it is clear to see. I couldn’t get much proof him raiding the patrol but I have him confessed that he done it and why also tking me and the other ghost member.

Thank you for your report, the above individual has been forwarded onto 501st High Command; if you experience anything similar to the above within the future, don’t hesitate to submit another report.

Report Status: Handled :white_check_mark: