[CLOSED] 501st killing me cause I killed an KOS

Reporter username: Jellesnotebellen
Reported user: TheDexMan

There was no reason killing me nor not killing that KOS immigrant.

He TKed me. He also wasn’t doing anything against the KOS who already killed me 10 or so times(I didn’t get that recorded).

I can send proof I do not know how I have to make it into a png or something else.

The violations are: Team killing and Slacking off.

Upload the video to youtube then put the link in your post.

I do not have a youtube channel

Then create a channel.

I do have an account how do I post things on it?

Hit the upload button in the top right, then upload your file.

I do not have that option.

Dude just google it or something, I am not IT tech support.

I never asked you to tell me how to do it. I alr asked it in Questions and awnsers.

“how do I post things on it”

That was after you where already helping me.

use vimeo or something else to upload, vimeo is ez

Hi there,

Try uploading evidence on YouTube if you can’t attach it here. I can’t take any actions against the user without proof.

Status: Denied :x:

Have a nice day!