[CLOSED] 5 Random killers


Reporter username: ( stargate1142 )
Reported user: ( RoterBaron29, Chocolatemuffin127, swfanplayer, tiandre_man2 and OptiMateoo )


OptiMateoo - They must’ve thought I was raiding as I flew up to a platform to watch a raider. They shot me after they killed the raider. Seen at 1:54 - 2:05.

RoterBaron29 - I was standing near the donation leaderboard when they killed me. I think they may have killed other immigrants too for no reason. Seen between 6:35 - 6:45.

Chocolatemuffin127 - They shot me for no reason whilst I was walking around the front of the border. Seen at 11:35 - 11:47.

Swfanplayer - I was standing on the barriers at the front of the border when they shot me down. Seen at 13:10 - 17:25.

Tiandre_man2 - They killed me for no reason at 2 different times. Seen at 14:36 - 14:45 and 16:18 - 16:28.


Handled - howardistoogood