[CLOSED] 41st User RKED me

Reporter username: ( TheLast0verlord )
Reported user: ( dr_jeffy )

41st user (Zeus Company) dr_jeffy RKed me in-game and to add to this I did not have a bounty when I was RKed.

Proof: Roblox Trimmed Clip 2 Clipped on Medal

1: You failed to provide proof that you did not have a bounty.
2: Nice music.
3: Honest question, is your PC really that laggy, or were you running a process in the background when that was being published?

As you didn’t provide evidence of whether you had a bounty or not, I’m unable to act on this report - if you’re reporting a similar issue within the future please ensure you add the bounty tab to your clip.

Report Status: Denied :x: