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[CLOSED] 41st Elite Corps Member RK’s me RIGHT AFTER PATROL


Reporter username: (unusualideathspeech3)
Reported user: (rofatnic2)


When I joined the server it was quite small but there was around 5-7 members of the 41st Elite Corps doing there patrol. and after i followed and stayed quite a distance away from the 41st division people during their patrol and there went to the other spawn thats not the border spawn to do some STS thing they finished and the guy who hosted it dismissed the patrol and most of them left except the RK’er and another guy who was busy doing something else but he has nothing to do with this. So after everyone leaves the RK’er walks up to me and tells me to not cross a line in front of me that I never crossed and as i walk away back to the city he RK’s me for no reason, like I literally had never met the guy during the entirety of the time i had been in the server a he RK’s me for unknown reasons. Luckily i recorded and took one picture of the guy which i will try to post. Thank you and Please get this man out of here.


Okay btw this conflict has been resolved and tbh i wasn’t really mad at the 41st guy for killing me but more confused to why he did and i finally put the video up if anyone is curious but next time i get into a situation like this i am gonna play dumb to get more proof.

so where is the proof?

I didnt have enough time to insert the proof ill do it tomorrow

Still no proof maybe this is a false report.

Anything for the corps.

If a 41st was random killing you after the patrol please send a video to a 41st HICOM. So I am pretty sure I was the one who hosted this patrol.

I just woke up and post the video sorry for the wait

Ah ok I see maybe you were on a KOS for that division or something but idk, but I see where this is going but it’s not ok to rk he needs to get a punishment.

how is he a kos, did you not see the vid?

If he was on a KOS for 41st, their soldiers would attack him immediately, but only one attacked him.

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Hi there,

Due to the fact that you were able to resolve the conflict yourself, I will go ahead and deny the report.

Status: DENIED :x: