[CLOSED] 327th spawn killing me three times (user -


Reporter username: zurperur
Reported user: Klaus_Orton


This user is a member of the 327th.
I raided 7 minutes before but neutral since.
I got an apartment/flat then he follows me to my flat then killed me.
I open my door, leave then he kills me in corridor again after i do nothing i spawn again, he kills me again, Then he ran out of it a pelted it away.
But i have no proof except from my word.
Also how can we get proof when it happens so sudden?!?!?!?


None… I need a way to have proof without catching it on film because i ca whip out the setup in 0.001 milliseconds… i’m just saying hes a disgusting player

I suggest you download Medal. Its a screen recording program that automatically connects to your game when you go in Roblox. You can program a button to it that will save a specific length of video prior to the button being pressed. For example, I have it programed to save 30 seconds, so whenever I hit the key after I have witnessed someone breaking a rule, it will save the past 30 seconds of video. Hope this helps for the future.

Hi there,

If you don’t have proof, I can’t do anything for your case.

Status: DENIED :x: