[CLOSED] 3 members of GAR being homophobic


Reporter username: pandasoures
Reported user: Sithlordhuh, unicorn_boi54, buzz351027


Being homophobic. Unicorn was doing it the most, for more then a half hour, but I recorded only a little bit of it. I have more proof, just can’t upload it.


( Attach any materials which would prove the player has abused )

Bruh there is literally no proof at all all he said is “god doesn’t like that” it’s his beliefs anyways leave him alone jeez go cry somewhere or something

Imagine being so pressed because he believes god doesn’t like gays go do something else

Wait until this guy finds out about the other religions

That was some things I didn’t post. I still got more evidence, and they did it a LOT MORE

This enough proof for you? Look at the video. Look at the images.

Maybe I didn’t get footage of buzz saying it. But he was doing it regardless, and explain unicorn and sith then


Dude how do you make a report on a trooper saying “gay is bad” you are barc you should be 13+ grow the hell up idk if you’re offended by this but bro? Are you seriously making a report on a trooper for saying “god doesn’t like gays” you must be below the age requirement or something… mature up the hell is wrong with you

Stop crying like like a 5yo because a single trooper says he doesn’t like gay people

thats a lego star wars game. people cry when someone says’‘motorcycle guys suck’’

Kid is a 5 year old, he is just saying he doesn’t believe in it.

He can believe what he wants, as long as he isn’t harassing others with his beliefs and discriminating then leave him be.

He is probably too young to form an opinion, so he is just repeating what his parents said, bullying him about it won’t help change his mind.

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It’s funny to watch how the kids started discussing politics in roblox. Okay, I leave a link just in case, you can find something there, but this is what he violated this “Hate speech”.

Hi there.

After closely reviewing all the proof provided, I have decided that no user will be punished for this situation. If you do not like the way these individuals are communicating within Coruscant, you may block them or utilize the Roblox report feature.

  • Axel