[CLOSED] 2 tkers and one gun or maybe 2 idk


Reporter username: MatokoNaegiPL26
Reported user: Roijaylol and Palestine1gamer


I was doing my post duty as usual, then i saw the roji killing cadet, i thought it was mistake or some kind of joke. But he did it once again, and again so i warned him. He ignored my warning and continue to tk’ing him. Then out of nowhere Palestine came and killed 3 of us. As in the video below. And btw i’m copy paste the same link from my second report because i caught exploiter/cheater and tkers in the one video so i had to make 2 reports.


Thank you for your report, the above users have been dealt with accordingly; we thank you for your report, if you experience any further issue with the above, don’t hesitate to submit another report.

Report Status: Handled :white_check_mark: