[CLOSED] 111DiedPool Immigrant RK


Reporter username: Nuproclone.
Reported Player: 111DiedPool


11DiedPoll has kept killing me for no reason as shown in the YT Vid. He keeps killing me although, I’m not KoS or AoS. (Killed me about 4 times in the vid, you can slow it down for proof of it being him. He was on duty as CG Riot.)


(11DiedPool RK - YouTube)

Divisionals are permitted to KOS you at any point in their patrol if you do kill someone within the border, whether that was in self defense, it doesn’t matter. And due to the amount of Coruscant Guards, and the time of this post, I can safely assume this was during a Coruscant Guard divisional Patrol. As there’s no proof suggesting you did not raid before recording, I cannot punish this user.