[CLOSED] 100-year ban in game appeal


Username: ImTheDeathAngel
Ban reason: Hacking on multiply alts


I really want to play this game again. I understand hacking is a serious crime, but I have changed. You may not believe me, but I have. All humans make mistakes, and unfortunately mine was a big one. Let me have another chance on this game. I won’t let you down if you give me another chance. If this appeal fails, I will appeal again in 20 days. Thanks for reading this.


Due to the seriousness of your ban I’ve decided to deny your appeal at this current moment, if you’re unsure as to why then please read the below information;

  • As your ban was handed to you for a repetitive (and severe) offence you need to write a more in-depth and apologetic appeal, GAR don’t take exploiting lightly.

Appeal Status: Denied :x: