Clone Classes In GAR

There should be classes in GAR. There should be classes for clones such as Medic Or Bomb Squad. They should each have different morphs, though.

Bomb Squad:
Can Defuse SF Bombs
Has A Diamond Armor Pattern
Has A Force-Field

Has A First Aid Backpack
Has A Heal-Gun *like in Futuretops
Has A Bit More Health Than Other Clones
Has Medical Symbol On Armor
Also Has Force-Field

*Couldn’t Find A Decent Phase 2 Picture

Here’s a phase 2 picture and no I couldn’t find one with a backpack

Along with a medic

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But bomb squad probably wouldn’t have the orange marks since it would look too much like 7th so they could change it

Thx. Could only put one pic for sum reason.

But this topic has given me an idea for something

Can I use parts of your topic to edit one of mine? I’ll credit you

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Sure. May i ask whats it about?

Well I already made it it’s about tons of things they could add with the new map or after it’s finished you should be able to find it

Force field is unfair just stop