Clone ARC trooper "Fordo"

ARC-77 Also known as “Fordo” Was an elite clone trooper, and is most known for holding off Coruscant near the end of the 2003 Clone Wars animated series, I would like it to be added because Fordo is really badass and cool. This rank should only be given to the most elite ARC member.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Note: If Fordo is already in the game, don’t get mad at me as I didn’t know.

There is already an ARC trooper named “Ordo” in the ARC ranks(they are the NULL leader).

Anyways, Ordo is a completely different character to Fordo

If he was added, he would be a single rank, there wouldn’t be multiple.

What’s the point of a new ARC morph when nobody from ARC even plays the game?

Ik, I was on mobile when I wrote it so it must have autocorrected to “Members”

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Bro, can relate. Autocorrect sux lol.

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they could make this the ARC ao morph just like CG has thire