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Checkpoints GAR

So I was casually committing murder in watchdogs legions then I went through a checkpoint so I thought “it would be cool if Gar had this” so here is my concept of it two control towers that are operated by SPC+ there would be a laser gate and one trooper on each side to ask 2 questions reason for entering, any weapons.

Concept 2
Speeders can pass freely but the checkpoint detects if they have killed a GAR personnel in their current life if they have all GAR personnel will get a report of the persons face and there will be that persons face on billboards with a 1K bounty on them

Concept 3
If you are a criminal passing the checkpoint you will be shot at by two automated turrets doing 25 DPS then CG gets a warrant to arrest you

Concept 4 the checkpoint is like a small border with the same question as the border

They would be located in the circles

i think those areas should have a security check point or traffic lights

You want to turn this into Liberty County Emergency RP?

No floating star wars traffic lights