Chatroom because i dont have my phone

@Statyks im in summer school and finished with my work but can’t use my phone, lets communicate here lol.

big thread, gamer moment. you better check your pings.

lol ok, hows summer school? :joy:

good, i can’t believe you’re playing those lame sonic games smh… how’s your cat?

cats dead, and im playing dragons balls lol

teacher almost caught me lacking whoops

anyways dragon ball, sonic… same thing. I have about 38 minutes left of this hellhole can’t wait to go home.

jesus christ statyks

no fun, smh not cool

i’m just super bored it’s unreal… i wanna go home and sleep i stayed up all night bothering your sleep schedule, I watched Miisu play a nun horror game and it spooked me.

yeah you kept waking me up lol. you asked me something about jojo idek that mightve been yesterday :joy:

LOL, you were totally out of it. When will you finish Bendy and the Ink machine smh…

Other than that, it was funny waking you up last night but it was chill in the CG chatrooms, we were “trash talking” you know who for their behavior and frankly im not surprised im not the only one that they tick off.

lol when you ask me to

pls pls pls YIPPEEEEE

i got the best salsa from meijer the other day i can’t wait to eat it when i get home and also the onion rings and the frozen waffles… broooo.

Meijer? you mean Mjolnir from fortnite silly silly

i hate you sometimes

no you dont you love it

omg let’s do ice breakers, me first

  • Did you have a stuffed animal as a child? What was its name?

yes I did, it was called soosie or something

LOL WHAT, that’s absolutley hilarious and im totally using that against you someday.

okay okay your turn aska question, make it a interesting, not boring like british food