Character customization and manage equipment

Character customization and manage equipment

I suggest updating the character customization, manage equipment in GAR, and adding it for immigrants as well.
This menu when you open it should look like a lot of different things, and it should have armor stats, helmets, and accessories that help you survive longer, or improve your character.
What kind of things:
1.Can be for credits.
Credits you can buy normal stuff and it can have an upgrade, ordinary accessories, uniforms, and so on for your characters it is suitable for Immigrants and also GAR.
2. it’s like for free GAR and divisions that open higher all sorts of things, such as armor, paints, helmet, and accessories. (The higher the rank, it opens with new things).
3. Gamepass it can be an improvement as well for your character but it’s better than the usual one.
Add more opportunities for these things, for example, take an antenna, it improves visibility in the distance, if it is a flashlight, then you can turn it on and see in the dark, if it is a helmet, you can communicate in the distance, like a radio.



I will show for example these materials

This is where you can create your characters.

Costumes characters.

And I propose to add that a person could go to a costume store and buy things, similar to my offer to sell a car.

I assume this sort of thing probably wont happen until the new map is out

I found something simple example material like this