Changes in AOS. #15

first of all, we all know how annoying it can be to have aos, therefore I propose this suggestion to change aos but in the process not to eliminate it so as not to take work away from cg.

Aos requirements: Participate in 2 or 1 bank robbery, if you die it still counts, you should survive 30 or 20 seconds in bank, kill more than 35 gar and 15 immigrants.

Reason: It would be realistic that aos is implemented after robbing a bank, killing immigrants (innocent) and gar, members of the republic and also this would not eliminate cg’s work in arresting aos, since many Raiders can rob a bank or resist a bit and kill that amount, but it would largely remove the problem.

any opinion, change or dislike say it in the comments of this suggestion.

How about you stfu I’m not even going to read the suggestion stop making suggestions for KOS AOS it’s getting hella annoying don’t you have anything else to do? I can tell you are annoying as hell

And also the requirements are bad just keep the old way to get aos

“I’m not even going to read” I besides, this suggestion is not to generate anger and more, besides you don’t know me enough to say that I’m annoying with such certainty.

some things:

  • robbing bank or killing immigrants for aos is kinda dumb because raiders are always robbing bank and spawnkilling each other at the immigrant spawn, killing gar is already a way to get aos but it isnt automatic since that would be annoying

  • also this is like the millionth time i’ve seen raiders trying to get aos changed, 5 minutes in jail isnt really a big deal so yeah (im also a raider so i know what it feels like to be in jail a lot)

idk why people are requesting for aos changes because it’s already fine the way it is, it’s either killing 35-40 GAR members (from what i remember rainy saying) or just getting assigned aos for something

Stop making the same suggestions then you idiotic ape

name me the same suggestions “mr brain”

surely you know this has been spoken about to the point where it’s just pointless now.

No, I never see aos and kos suggetion, that’s the reason about why I do this “suggetion”