Change the Power system


The power system is in bad shape. It is very had to be promoted to Trooper without attending events. It should be changed into each 30 minutes you gain 1 power and events earn you 5 power.


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If it was every 30 minutes, then promotions would be relatively easy (im not saying that is a bad thing) and im not sure if the goal is to make it super easy for everyone to get promoted. From events, I don’t think it needs to be 5 power. The events already have it set up so you have to complete certain tasks to earn like 4 power. I think the power system should stay as is or not have many changes because people in GAR need to know the rules and have some experience before they are able to start using weapons or telling people what to do.

30 minutes per power would be a bad idea in my opinion.

First, players with no experience could easily get high ranks with no effort. They would have no experience with the rules and would also be able to join divisions very soon. We do not want members with a lack of experience within divisions as they are a method of enforcing GAR.

In addition, if you got the rank too quickly you would loose a reason to play the game. The long times help with keeping members active and give them a reason to play.

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It’s good how it is.


The event power is way too much, if a RKing trooper ranks up, it’ll be much worse when he gets blaster rifle, the Trooper wouldn’t even know what to do in the booth.


Not really that hard to get to trooper from cadet. It is just 30 mins everyday for 3 days, 3 hours 1 day and 30 mins the next or 5 hours in 1 day. Don’t know what you find hard about that. If it were 1 power every 30 mins then you would get to WO in something like 2 days. It would make your rank less important as everyone would be that rank.

Its already a great problem, I often leave GAR so I can watch the events of the CG (My ex-divisio which I plan to join back) Even as a WO, I could watch them, but as an immigrant Many rules don’t apply on me, so I can protect them in a more efficient way, anyways, I often get RK-ed on the border for really dumb reasons or there are times when literally no reasons at all. Its really annoying and is a great problem, I can usually see Master Sergeants without the bare minimum knowledge he should already have, he doesn’t know abou the immigrant free zone, about the rules, about the one life rule, literally the only thing he knows is that the E4- needs to post. I had many problems with Serg+ that are really bad at the rules of Coruscant, its because the past generation wasn’t studying the rules and now they grew up, and they are the nowadays generation’s smaller part, but really notice-able part. Raiders or just peaceful immigrants will live trough the same thing even if its RK or not.