Change GAR SF morph


The new morph is very similar in coloring to that of a 327th. It also looks way too division-like for just a gamepass. It would be better if it didn’t have that coloring.


no, its cool, it dosent look like any current div

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you havent seen it next to bacta

kinda an L for bacta

No don’t change it the last special forces morph had no taste in it and it does not look like 327th it’s legit brownish grey how can it be.

Bro wdym the new sf morph is sick plus it with the art work for the suggestion makes it look like the devs did a wonderful job making it

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I like that the new morphs look like divisional personally, nothing wrong with that. I did like the old morphs though, with their cheek pads, and I agree the coloring is kinda lame. They should have kept them white with some special features to distinguish from GAR.

Hey hey, im the one who make rainy consider this updates. Though i want them to give new morph to immigrant sf to the pic shown, yet they make it modelled after naboo royal guard.