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CG should be removed!

Here is why CG should be deleted from coruscant.

  1. They are mean
  2. They cuff corporal and under
  3. They ruin raiding for people who are AOS

CG aren’t just there to jail AOS and put low ranks to posts, they also jail the bad team killers and random killers. Imagine all of the random kill if CG was removed :pensive:

Here is why CG should never be removed:

  1. They are there to prevent RKing, TKins and SKing so that people like you and many others won’t have to report abusers to forums.

  2. If AOS for raiding is problem for you - make suggestion to remove it. If you join GAR and raid in raider morphs you won’t get AOS. Before AOS update that tag was reserved for people that broke important rules so that they would be punished.

  3. If CG wouldn’t cuff people to post and jail them after 3rd warning people would ignore CG and don’t listen. Sergeant and ranks above as well as divisionals don’t have to post. Ranks bellow sergeant must post so that the border wouldn’t be in total mess - troopers running around everywhere.


I am under the assumption this is a joke.


I’d hope so but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t.
Yeah CG makes that one TK’ing Trooper upset but they also make a lot of peoples game experience better in one way or another.


Claims to want CG removed but has AOS for impersonating a CG. :thinking:

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It better be dude…

Have you lost your mind? CG is the literal reason GAR is not in Chaos. Sure, they can be mean sometimes, but literally, they are following the code of conduct.


Yep. Or I’ll ask Hevy to bring in the ROTARY CANON.


I’m still crying about him today…

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Me too.


Nah CG is one of the divisions with an actual job. Removing it would be a bad idea in my opinion.


Alright this one CG wasn’t doing his job this one corporal keeps rking immigrants and he watched it but didn’t do anything the guy didn’t get warned or anything so that is why CG needs to be removed!!!

So because ONE CG didn’t do their job, the whole division should be removed?

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I mean like remove that one CG and teach them to stop gar rkers they kept on rking me even though I am not KOS so teach them to deal with gar rkers there have been multiple SF that get rked by gar for no reason like one killed me for just free roaming.

Like have them do something about it or I and every SF will.

It’s a promise not a threat.

Honestly I think that they should be more strict

Yeah they were doing a patrol and I was killed in front of them by a trooper. And they didn’t do squat CG has to go give the detain and other gear to RG.

SFs are mostly just noobs who splashed out on robux so they could buy a stupid game pass in one of the worst milisims on roblox. I don’t see them doing any better.

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