CG Failed Tryout Unreasonably


I failed a CG tryout because of ‘Backround Check’ not valid but I’ve been using this account for 3+ years now.
Host discord: TNT#4533
My user: otaku - Roblox
( Detailed description of the suggestion / feedback )
Please conduct my backround check again, I aced everything except for this.

( Any helpful resources - videos / images )

Please reply soon, I think I should’ve passed this tryout. It was just the failed backround check and laziness of the host. I don’t think I need to go through another tryout because of the host’s mistake Thank you.

Please do mark the backround checks are the last thing of the tryout, so I did pass combat and the questions

ok this is in the wrong category

also this dosen’t go in fourms, it goes to a higher rank

also there are other factors in BGC

also you kinda need their username