CE CS and CL morphs


CE, CS, and CL should all get their own rank within their division. It would help by recognizing who is the host, and in my opinion a Officer with Company name on top of their head, it doesn’t seem right. This could benefit to all GAR.

(If possible I hope this can be added with the new map update).

You do realize that EACH leadership rank for EACH company would need a group rank right? That would cost a lot, and would just be like annoying to do.
It would also take a LOT of work to make all these morphs.

i dont see a point in this because if that was going to be added it’d be chaos because 1, if you mean just a group rank without showing what company it is, it’d just be “Company Sergeant” but if you are gonna add the company name to it, that would be a lot of work because it would be something like “Talon Company Sergeant” or something like that, which would be a big waste

I think something should be added. Not a whole morph though

Making 3 morphs per division that only those 3 people would use is way too much.

Separate note: When you hover over a player, or under their name, it should tell you “Airborne Sergeant”, etc. I agree with that part of it.

That also would be just as difficult to do. You have to make a role in the group for every single CS/CL. Not to mention you would have to remove the role every single time one CS/CL leaves the group. Its not worth that much effort when you can literally ask them if they are CS/CL.

A role is easy to make, and giving someone a role takes a few seconds at best. It’s also not like a CS is leaving every day.

This would be MUCH easier to make than designing, creating, and adding morphs.

Never said they were leaving everyday, you completely missed the point, CC’s are going to stay there for a hell of a-lot longer than CS/CL’s to their number, its just one other thing that they should not go out of their way to do for a minor inconvenience the barley any players have a problem about. They should use their time actually working on things most of the community needs.

I know you didn’t. I’m saying it takes absolutely no effort to add a role/change a role. In SSUs and patrols, it’s annoying having to remember who was staff, who has importance, who stands in front of you. Adding group roles and changing a name is legitimately a 30-minute project.