Can an e2 and below enter booths with a sf morph?

If someone is using a sf or yoda morph and they are rank cadet or trooper, can they enter booths?

Technically. Since gar sf and gar yoda have free roam like Gar Sergeant+, they are allowed in, regardless of their own rank. And also able to stand in fences.

Yes, you can since SF have free-roam, but you won’t be able to operate the control panel.

SFs are noobs who get out of posting,


Not unless if they actually know what sf gamepass are meant for. Sf already are known to granted gar owners gamepass free roam so they can do whatever they want without disturbing divisions patrol, while giving immigrant/raider as disguise to raid border.

No. The SF gamepass gives you free roam, the morph and some tools. It does not grant you any extra authority or access to restricted areas. Same as Yoda.

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No, strictly only Specialist+ are allowed within the booths. Don’t know why others are spreading false onfo.


  • Specialist+

  • Divisionals

  • Officers


Trooper and under are never allowed within booths, unless in Division morph. (Only acception)

No, it doesn’t matter what morph they use.

If they are under the rank of E3, they are not allowed in the booth and should be escorted out.

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