Bring Back Triton Company's Old Morph

Bringing back our old morph:
It would be a good idea to bring back the all-blue Triton Company morph (either with or without the red binoculars) as it adds uniqueness to the company, perhaps design it similar to Shock Company’s current morph (23/08/2022). Most, if not all members of this company including myself would be happier with that morph to stand out in the border, instead of looking like what most people think is a knockoff Master Sergeant. The company’s recent activity and stability are underestimated, and this morph can be seen as another way to prove our worth. Hope this finds you well.
- Lieutenant chxrmblues speaking on behalf of Triton


thing is the old meshes were deleted so those morphs are gone, recreating those morphs is just unneeded extra work
also what are those SSs we don’t have access to your pc

Ngl, all blue weren’t the best looking.

The 2nd newest or 4th gen triton morph looked amazing, based off the specialist class it actually looked hot with its sick paint job and binocs.

It’s obviously Triton’s choice ofc. But I personally think the 4th gen triton was peak.