Bring back old HOWLER morphs

Hello! I am currently a Howler Chief, I’ve been in and out of howler since October of 2020, so I know the culture, what attracts, and what howler needs. If you didn’t know, howler use to make a unique morph without necks. All of the howlers I’ve talked to that have experienced those morphs miss them greatly. I’ve noticed these past few weeks that people aren’t joining howler as much, and the morphs are partly why. They say the morphs aren’t good anymore, I agree with them 100%. The Morphs is part of what made howler special, and now we have very generic 104th morphs. The new howler morph took a big part of howler away from 104th, and we are in a deficit of members right now. I believe with the old howler morph, we can restore the morale within howler and will encourage more people to join howler. 104th is simply very unbalanced because the new company and just the motivation to join howler isn’t strong anymore. I believe it we reinstate the old howler morphs, we can bring back what is one of the most unique companies in GAR. The old howler morph is what made howler unique and special from others, and with the morph gone now, morale and respect has dropped for howler. If a developer sees this, please respond, at least with a yes, no, or maybe. I encourage everyone to put input in this, thanks.

  • Yosh

fr dawg the old howler morphs were 1000x better.

yes plsss i want to have it back

I am not 104th so I won’t vote but I agree

The old morphs cannot be brought back even if we wanted them to.
I’ve made several statements regarding the issue.

If there’s anything specific you want changing about your morphs, you should make a separate suggestion.