Bring back holwers company airborne morph

Bring back the old morph. #bringbackoldhowlercompanymorph

Alot of gar 104th battalion members are requesting that if you can bring back the old holwers company morph as the new one is very ugly and the old one is way more better and iconic and people have suggested to bring back the old morph before and we want it really bad any responce would be nice.


yes bring it back :hot_face: :cold_face:


Yes please. That one was so much better


Agreed. You really should bring the old morph back. The old morph were fire, we need it back!


Lol theyre not coming back

bring it back i will be happy

Nah, all of the morphs we have now look better and upgraded.

fair enough I respect your opinion but I kinda like the holwer morph but it’s your decision.

I am not even in 104th and I am voting for this.

I don’t have the howler morph anymore but the old one was so much better. Now it’s just a gray version of the specialist morph.

Not Really, Because every division with an airborne company has the same morph as a Specialist of GAR.

The past howler morph was one of most iconic morphs in our division and in GAR so that’s why.

No its not! It is bad and i think the new morph is better

Yes, the old Howler Company morph is better than the new one, Everyone likes the airborne outfit than a 104th version of a Specialist, We should it back.

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Nah bro, the old one is literally more better, the old one is more accurate than the new one.

He’s joking. He liked my previous comment about bringing them back. @CommanderFox

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