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Bought the golden mini.. My thoughts

I bought the Golden Minigun (Which was on sale for may the 4th) and had a few days to test it out and try "The most powerful and dominant gun in the entire game!"and I was quite disappointed…

The blaster was on sale and was cheaper than the Shotgun (During the sale), I had already tried the shotgun (Through in-game cash) and found out the long rang was terrible. So I thought the Golden Mini with great range, rapid fire, high price, and high damage would be so much better. But I tried it and it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting…

The mini was exactly was I was expecting in looks, in size, but when I tried it out on a RKing SF By the time I got him to half health he whipped my butt with his shotgun obliterating me into lego bricks.

I tried and tried, just thought I wasn’t good enough with it yet, but still to this day it takes about 4-5 seconds to kill someone with it and by the time I almost kill the raider I’m obliterated by their shotgun or Dual Sabers.

The golden Mini desperately needs a buff if it really wants to live up to be “The most powerful and dominant gun in the game!” as the description tells you. By that I mean a damage buff as the shotgun is STILL a better and cheaper choice compared to the Golden Mini. I felt ripped off knowing I would been better off with a Shotgun than an overpriced minigun.

I really hope DevKurka reads this and sees how the Golden Mini isn’t exactly what advertised and is currently NOT worth it’s high 1899 Robux price, and lowers the price or buffs the damage even a little more.

Thank you for reading my rant and I hope even a slight change is brought to the Golden Mini, hopefully…



Try not using it at close range. Back up out of shotgun range and I think it will be better.
Just a tip for using it.

I don’t own it but I used it a couple times before.

I tried long and short range multiple times, I know it’s mainly long range, but still doesn’t come close to the shotgun and it’s one-shot capabilities.

for me this weapon is the best cause when i keep raiding i can barley get hurt

ik some of u might take this the wrong way but when i raid the div i use this mini gun and all of them are dead or very injured

The Golden Mini is a beast with a jetpack or the High Ground.

i usually do sniper mode i just have my jet pack or on a high area and 2 min later 10 divs dead

it looks like u don’t have a jet pack which u should because that helps a lot

I don’t have the roux for a jetpack yet lol, I used to have about 11k. It’s a shared account with my brother and sister so my sister spent a fortune on Adopt me! lol.

i hate that game like all of my cousins play that

u share a account with your brother and sister? wow must be a hard life.

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this is unrelated but do u think it would be cool if gar made like a movie like daily like of a gar solider or a raider movie?

It is, I own the PC but I let them play, if you ever see me on Adopt me! or some other game that isn’t Jailbreak, Coruscant, or Build a boat for treasure then it’s not me online.

i only play corcaunt and big paint ball and sometimes zombies

i used to be gar but i kinda quit i am now a leader of a raider group with 211 members. i was a staff serg btw

Idk, Im thinking of making a GAR music video concept, like me with a boombox, Viking with other GAR running about singing the Lyrics, sounds cringe but it’s not what you might think it will look like.

that would be so funny cheesy and cringy and would get tons of views.

and have them running around in circles