Blue lightsaber (GAR)

Suggestion: Those who have a lightsaber and are in gar will get a color change on the lightsaber, it will be blue.

Reason: it is obvious, the members of the Republic army are not Sith, so it is illogical that we have red sabers, it would also make more sense and would follow the lore.

(any complaint and suggestion leave it below)

I agree. I like this idea and blue would be stunning.


Clones were not Jedi either, they should make it so anyone can choose a new color.

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I really like this idea, I hope one day there will be morphs for Anakin, and padme.


Yea that’s great idea because how was said in comics to in order for the crystal to turn red, it must be saturated with fear and suffering. So all clones are Siths?

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They should be able to choose between blue and green.

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Green was made special for Yoda morph, so no green for normal lightsaber gamepass owners.

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they should make all colors available to everyone.

It makes me angry that clones have lightsabers or can use the force in the first place. Guess GAR isn’t really lore accurate though.

I like this idea a blue light saber would look so amazing and cool.