Blacklisted from all 327th handbooks


Username: ( weuoes)
Discord: ( Discord: Mr. Fish, GAR discord: weuoes)


I am weuoes of K company in the 327th Star Corps. Short version: My big brother knows the handbooks has security against screenshots. So I went to eat dinner, didn’t turn my PC off and my brother (Who doesent care about dinner, just eats at his room) went to my PC and purposely SS’ed the 327th handbook. Now it says “Globally blacklisted” on the normal 327th handbook, 1st Platoon handbook and the K company handbook. Please give me acces to it again. Thank you in advance.

( What has happened just before you were blacklisted? I was eating dinner.)
( What document were you viewing? The 327th Star Corps handbook.)

Since this category is managed by one person, you may dm DevKurka#0001 JUST a link to this appeal and it will receive response a follow-up when possible.

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Forwarded to appropriate officer.


Appeal has been processed - unblacklisted.