Best places to hide for a GAR member during shootouts

Hello, in this tutorial I will be showing you a few places you can hide during a shootout at the Grand Army’s border here on Coruscant. These places are good for popshooting, clear gunfire, better angles and more! Without further ado, let’s get started!


If you are under the rank of E4, please do not interfere with firing, there are plenty of others who will take care of it. You should stay on post and be backup, you can still kill them but stay on posts please. You’ll be the “Paladin on Post” and people will thank you.

# Firing Shield

This here is one of the best places to be, when crouched down you can fit most blasters in with an exception of a shotgun and such. It offers to protect most of your hitbox, and allows you to fire smoothly as well, to use a shotgun you must stand up, that goes for any other long barreled blaster, and the super blaster. It’s a good idea to remove your helmet as it makes you less visible.

GAR Promotion Board

The promotion board allows for easy pop shooting. You cannot see through the board, so raiders will not be able to see you. The other one on the far left (of where this image was taken) works well for sniping down a KOS on the bridge.


The bridge is a great spot, most likely if there’s a ground raider, there will be others fighting, you can be a backup and support without any real risk of you getting hurt. However if there’s a raiders using a jetpack, you can more easily kill them, and you won’t get jumped by a raider with Dual Sabers.

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omg this would’ve been perfect for communtiy tutorials

I wanted to have this be an on topic and me to have acopy so it doesn’t just get deleted.

Or just hide in the hotel, pro tip.

Don’t get to fight. /

I’m a non violent fighter.

Why only for GAR members? GAR are suppose to protect border. If anything you should make one for immigrants. They get RK’ed alot during border raids for no reason and thats why alot of people leave this game upset that they can’t play the game like its intended to because they get RK’ed

I was planning on making one.