"Battle of Coruscant" idea for battlegrounds

For the battlefields you could have a map of Coruscant but it is invaded by droids based on the invasion of Coruscant when it was attacked by the confederation, in this battle the droids tried to dominate Coruscant so a game mode on the map of Coruscant that is being developed would be good, the idea is to capture areas of point A, B, C, D, etx … and the idea is that it fills the map with droids and to dominate a control point you need to resist waves of droids in each check Point. This is so divisions can practice with their companies in a somewhat realistic battle.

I think that if this is done most of the work is already done because it is copying the coruscant map, I know that there is a lot of work to be done but the part of having the coruscant map is already done and this can be fun since the divisions could simulate this invasion or do joint operations with other divisions. I see the idea well, what do you think?

YES, we need this, but maybe not in Coruscant though, but rather Geonosis or Kashyyyk


That would be cool. We need an update for battle grounds.