Banned for Playing Boom Boom Pow by the Black eyed Peas


Username: ( Tryhardninja_l )
Ban reason: ( bypassed audio (10/26/2020, 12:39:14 )


I did nothing wrong and an officer kicked me for no reason. To begin I was heading to my post and I decided to play boom boom pow by the black eyed peas, I decided to play some music because the life of a non-divisional isn’t all that fun. Then all of a sudden an officer by the name of sebbster04sweden decides to cuff me and drag me off my post. He then ask me to turn off my music and after he uncuffed me I got killed. I then went up to him and asked why did you kill me and he gave no response. After standing there for a minute he banned me for two days. My bann should be appealed because I did not know I was doing anything wrong and if an officer was offended by the Black Eyed Peas I could of turned it off.

Edit: I would also like to attach that I didn’t play it again after he warned me and he still kicked me!

Cpl. Tryhardninja_l


You are not banned anymore.

Best regards,