Banned for bypassing roblox chat with sexual content


Username: Legend_awakenin
Ban reason: Saying inappropriate stuff that is uncensored by roblox


I got permanent banned from the game today, idk if from the community too, because I cant go to public text servers. So today I was looking through #ingame-screenshots and then saw some uncensored sexual content, so I went in the game and tried, it never hit me that it was a joke in the photo and it was going to get me banned. Unfortunately for me, xAphelion was on the chat logs so he cuffed and banned me. I just want to say, it was stupid of me to try something as I never know if it will get me banned… I swear to god I’ll never do that again.

I have spent a lot of robux, time and effort to play well in the game, have tried to climb ranks, and made a lot of new friends. I was depressed today as I got a time limit from the parents, so I saw the photo in in game screenshots with the uncensored words, so I tried to make myself happier, trying the uncensored words. So you can imagine how sad when I was caught in 4k. I just hope I could get a second, and last chance.

I understand I have bypassed TOS violations, and since the ban I have spent a day studying the republic laws, discord rules, and roblox guidelines. I have fully understood what I did and what I should not do in the future.