Banned for being a fool


Username: ynisanov
Ban reason: racism


basically, in may, i got banned because I came home from school one day very depressed and upset. i got bullied big time and had to get my anger out somehow.I decided to do the wrong thing and went to this game and spammed the n word like a fool. I then got banned and got even more depressed. a month later,in June, i did a ban appeal, but the mod told me my situation happened recently and told me i had to wait a little bit. so now,here i am. six months later, asking to be forgiven for that horrible day that I had. pls forgive me. i have grown up since then and now,I’m the most popular kid in my class. have a nice day
u guys should unban me because I have changed and became a better person. I also have waited 6 months just to get the way, i have like 7 black kids in my class and they all love me. so pls have mercy.and if u get more offended more than blacks about racism,then thats just wrong.