Banned by anti cheat in futuretops


Username: Doggywarriorman


I had just returned from assisting a 501st tryout then another popped up right after so I decided to join to help out again. When I was thinking about joining again I thought it would be funny If I did some dances or something so I used a dancing script. (Mistake now shouldn’t of thought of it) I didn’t realize that it would be this harmful and I instantly got banned.

I was using just a little dance script that I found on Youtube where it could let me do some weird dances like helicopter or default dance and others.

I have been in GAR and 501st for a little over a month now I think. I have been really enjoying my time in the 501st and was starting to get comfortable there and not to leave for a long time. I had lots of people I had daily conversations with and just had fun bits and I would love to keep being in GAR with them. I would love to continue my journey here and get a second chance I won’t be as foolish as I was again.

Thank you for reading.

Since this category is managed by one person, you may dm DevKurka#0001 JUST a link to this appeal and it will receive response a follow-up when possible.