Ban Appeal (unfair treason) (UPDATED)


Username: DogePower3347
Ban reason: Treason


So, I know I am doubling up on posting, but I cannot edit my last post so this is my final revision. Read my other post to understand a bit more of what I’m saying.
I’ve been reading everyone else’s posts, and I thought about divisions. Then I remembered that I was in a division. Then I realized my reason of treason (sorry for the rime). I was your average 12 year old at the time. I decided to take a break from GAR because I was too good for the division. As a result, I was kicked. I don’t remember what division I was in, but all I know is that it was a division that doesn’t accept lazy idiots like me. And that is the reason why I was banned. I am more mature now since it’s been 2 years, so please understand why I should be unbanned.

This is not appealable, please email the HR mail.