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"Bad layout" was a huge understatement

The map is good as stated before, yes, however, why in the world would you put the civillian spawns in an enclosed area ALONG with special forces? Our immigrant spawn is so wide open that everyone is vulnerable to getting spawn killed right as they walk out the monorail/train’s doors. On top of this, the line/border is so huge and open that everyone gets killed in a snap, GAR’s spawns are also way too close to the border and they spawn in an open area making them extremely vulnerable to spawn killing too.

I’d also like to mention how there is only one booth operated by literally every GAR member in the server, this makes the booth practically unraidable therefore nobody can actually raid as that booth and the gates it controls are the only entry point to the city, and if GAR personnel keep spawning literally 3 studs right behind the booth, there really is no point of buying gamepasses or even trying to raid.

are you sure? there is another entrance

There is? What is it?

It’s hard to explore when you’re being rked by literally everyone every few seconds.

I agree. I got RKed like 4 times in a row. Once by a WO wearing SF after I legally passed the border, another times by a Sarlaac company when I was waiting to be questioned in the booth.

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To be brutally honest, most of all GAR personnel are just ignorant or straight up stupid.


After this update RK has Increased ngl…

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Yuppers, looks like the clones executer order braindead :kek: