Backpacks and jetpacks


Add the old system where the jetpack is by defualt equipped if owned and backpack is by default not on if there is a jetpack. I don’t really want to have to remove my backpack every time i spawn so it dosent clip with my jetpack.

Was gonna suggest this, beat me to it. Got my vote lol.

What’s a backpack in GAR?

It is on some troopers morphs, it does nothing, and just sits there, kinda like the jump packs.

Why is this still not fixed :sob: :sob: :sob: It annoys me so much bro

it can’t be “fixed” They are part of a morph, meant for design and do not need to work, making it work is unnecessary and does not need to be “fixed”

do you understand what i suggested
i suggested that if you have a jetpack and a backpack on your morph, your backpack is automatically unequipped like the old morphs did

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Read the suggestion again. We are suggesting to make the backpack automaticly unequip when you own a jetpack.

oh lol, I thought this was the suggestion to make the backpack and jumppack work (someone has suggested this before)

Which morphs have jump packs?

there are a few morphs with them unless they don’t have them anymore, but none of them actually work

Commander cody (wait thats kenobi now right?)

no the jedi morphs are for overseers not COs

oh… (20 characters is so bad oml)

@RainyLofi Sorry for the ping but ong this needs to be re-implemented.