Background checks

I want to suggest a way of doing background checks.
I and many others in GAR has a problem with putting ur inventory to public.
A hacker got into my account and put a parental pin on my account.
If you have a Parental Pin on ur account you need to enter the Pin to change things in settings.
That’s why i can’t put my inventory to public.
I don’t know the code.
Roblox can’t help me.
There is no way for me to get the code.
Thats why i suggest being able to screenshare ur medals with the host of the tryout would be a good idea.
To prevent people to inspect the medals in a screenshare you can ask the person screensharing to refresh the site.
Please find a way to fix this problem or simply use my suggestion.

Then protect your accound, same goes with safechat if someone from outside changes your date on roblox you can’t really join divisions. Enable 2fa or something to protect your account from this.


If you have a problem with BG checks, don’t join a division. Simple.

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Try to be extra cautious when it comes to account safety because it’s usually does have more repercussions than you think there are.


Roblox Support I removed many times parental pin using Roblox support.

And if he want join in a division?

However I would not put this in the suggestions. If you really have to put it on off-topisc

If you can’t pass BG checks, play more games, make more friends/followers and earn more badges.

If you’re too lazy to, then don’t bother joining a division.

Bro finally got into a division after being a forum boy and doesn’t know how to act :joy::joy: