Background checks problem


( every time I reach background check in tryouts they kick me like 327th I passed like 5 times or 4 and every time I reach backgrounds I was being kicked)
Thank you so much


( Please attach any materials which would help in identifying the issue - console logs, video, screenshots )

This isn’t a bug. You were kicked for failing background checks. Meaning not enough badges, acount age or something.

my age is 2 years ac age is 2 years and months but not alot of badges

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This may happen if:

  • Don’t have enough account age.
  • You are using packages changing your body shape from blocky.
  • Your account is not 13+ and you have safechat.
  • An exploit / hack is detected such as aimbot.
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I have all required things and i am not hacking.

Then I don’t know why you are getting kicked. It’s weird.

Just checked your account and you have only a page of badges, that’s why you are getting kicked.

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Yeah I pass tryouts since I have 4 pages of badges or more.