Arrest all raiders that raid the GAR game


I think the CG division or any GAR member that has cuffs should be able to cuff raiders if they get too annoying. Sometimes I play the game and there is a raider killing all of the GAR members and it gets annoying. I am able to kill him but doing it over and over again gets annoying. Sending all of the raiders to jail would be beneficial because it keeps the border running for people who want to play the game as a visitor instead of a raider.

As well as this, I think there should be a new offense called “Raiding” and you are committing this offense by raiding the GAR game. This means killing anyone like an innocent immigrant or a GAR member. This should be replaced with off duty raiding since it won’t count anymore. The raiding offense will be a low offense because you don’t get banned for it, you just get arrested.

For the things like the “AOS” role for AOS (Arrest on sight) groups, the raiders won’t get that role because it might be unfair for some of the people who want to have guns but they won’t raid or kill. Some people like to have guns sometimes and they don’t use them.

I think this suggestion will definitely stop people from raiding since nobody wants to be arrested and be put in jail for about 5 minutes at a time. This will definitely help out all of the GAR divisional members because if they go on patrols then they won’t have to kill any raiders. There is nothing much else for me to say about this suggestion, please add it.

If you are wondering, I am a GAR member and at Corporal rank, so I am supporting GAR.

Are you kidding? You are eternally stupid.

If raiders did not exist, how would Viking make money? Why would GAR need to buy guns if there are no raiders? Raiders help the game, most of the playerbase are raiders. If Viking had a problem with raiders he would have done this a while ago.

Aren’t you in TSU? Raiders help that game, what would be the job of CRU without raiders? The same idea is with GAR as well.


True words. All I see is facts right there! Someone delete the raider hater!

Wha- Huh??? O.o?

I am so confused. I’m 100% agreeing with BadKarma on this one. Not to be rude but this suggestion is kinda… Stupid. Why would we arrest the people who spend the most robux on the game and who make the game fun and actually playable. It would be the most boring border game will all raiders being in jail cells. Literally nothing to defend and people would stop playing and spending time in game because they are constantly arrested on sight for PLAYING THE GAME! This would literally kill the fun and the entire purpose of the game. I personally find raiders annoying when I’m vibin’ and someone comes over and kills everyone in the party just for fun. But that’s raiding for ya.

So NO.
Do not make this a feature because it will slowly kill and ruin the game for everyone.


Bruh they paid to raid, if they started jailing raiders then viking would lose money, raiders make the game less boring because it gives us something to do other then post Corporals and below.


People in the GAR group also buys guns sometimes so Vikinglaw will still be able to make money/robux.

What would they be used for then, viking wont do this because this earns him money. The game would become even more boring if this happened.


I already said in the post that I support GAR.

I understand that even myself as a Corporal did not like raiders whatseover, as you are defenseless against people who have spent a hundred dollars on this game. But as someone who has been on both sides I can assure you that doing that is not a good idea at all. The gamepasses are really there for raiders and not for GAR, so arresting them would basically be GAR blacklisting raiding indirectly, so no this is a really bad idea, it ruins the fun on both sides and overall isn’t good financially for GAR.


For what? What would they use their guns for? To kill people not in line? Lmao.



What does that have to do with anything. You’re in CRU man. You should know that in TSU, they need raiders to do their jobs.


Wow…No, simply no. I don’t want to be arrested everytime I raid I’ve bought mostly all gamepasses to raid.


No It will be stupid.


Bro AOS will make the game die. Because if raiders stop playing, THIS GAME WILL NEVER SURVIVE.


I don’t agree game without raiders would be boring + All raider gamepass shotguns and all weapons bank most of division would be not usefull.

better solution is just nerf raiders, and make it easier for normal gar to get weapons that are only slightly worse than p2w guns, that way the game is more balanced so raiders can still raid but dont ruin the fun for most gar members who dont have the cash

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I don’t wanna brag… but I’m kinda the best cru there.


Whatever you say KoolManTyler. Lmao.

Just learn…

To defend yourself.

There is no problem with raiders. There are plenty of servers that you could join, some of them probably wont have raiders in them.


This is peak negative iq right here. its kind of a karen moment right here what this guy said.