Armor customization

I feel like armor customization may seem irrelevant but it could be really beneficial armor customization could make each person more unique and not make us all seem the same. Even in the show Clone Wars, the primary clones were easily identified by their armor patterns and colors. I also feel as though small things like which way your color stripes go could also be good customization and would also make more people join divisions without a second thought because when I look at a division I think that the community is important but so is how the armor looks of course customization wouldn’t change the colors and any essential markings and probably wouldn’t be available for companies with one solid color (though they already look very cool) it would make the game more enjoyable.

Sorry if this is too long.

Cool idea, but it’d be more difficult to distinguish what rank people are. I like the idea, but I also imagine it’d be a LOT of work for a minor change.

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Yeah I also don’t see it getting added soon but I just wanted to mention it, also the rank would still be above your head and the colors would have to be the colors of your division/rank.

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