Are the new map and other updates fake and lies?

So when will the new map be released. Because I have discord for so many years but since I’m Russian I’m not used to it . Anyways everyone keeps saying oh a new map or morphs
t I am starting to think that there won’t be any more updates on GAR I mean vikinglaw update Galactic empire. Alot of times . But GAR and I speak for myself and everyone else. I’m sure y’all miss updates so why not give the GAR community things people will enjoy instead of only thinking what we want which isn’t what we want . GAR Is basically like Roblox when they update but give trash updates . So please let me know I’m not blaming or accusing anyone. I’m just a bit concerned and worried because GAR hasn’t been getting a lot of attention and updates lately

As blunt as it is, it is true and I’ve played gar since 19-20 is but there were talks of a mega update since the beginning and well we’ve never really got a good update and it’s gotten worse, they nerfed gamepasses, had some rule changes and it’s boring. Now people will argue but I don’t care, patience is veining for an update and excuses aren’t gonna cut it, in the nicest way possible.

Currently the map has been fully built but still needs to be scripted, according to dev Mako.

There will be many more updates after the revamp as updates to the current map wouldn’t make sense as it will be replaced by the new one in a short period of time.

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