ARC divisionals

As you can see, I’m taking SS with all ARC divisional, and I want an SS with all ARC divisionals (just front and back). Please help me with my goal.

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Did you know that ARC troopers have 2 dc 17 blasters in their pistol holders (real dc 17 model)?


Lol, I didn’t know that. But I’ve seen people suggesting it, I didn’t even know what that blaster was until I googled it just now, LOL. I only know what it looks like, I just didn’t know the name of it lmao.

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How old are those first four screenshots? I see it using the old UI.

Late 2021, and what do you mean “old UI.”

Like the shop and mute buttons being off the the right instead of on the top of the screen

Ohhh right, yeah, it was taken late 2021 I believe.

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Do you remember when interact button didn’t show progress bar, it was long ago.

RC is really cool im RC!!! RC is bettrer than ARC

In my oppinion RC armor looks cooler, expecially named character ones like Sev or Scorch. But ARC is better in combat than RC.

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